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The town of Dennis, Massachusetts was founded in 1694 and named after the Rev. Josiah Dennis who had been a popular resident of the town. Originally including land that is now Brewster, Dennis is comprised of several villages with the area along the southern coast known as Dennis Port.

The rich maritime history of Cape Cod includes stories of hard working fishermen toiling in long boats to the massive clipper ships that traveled the seas moving spices and other cargo between the old and new worlds. The rich whaling history of the region still captures our imaginations long after the last whaling boat has left New Bedford and Nantucket.

Life was hard for sailors of all types but to those who rose to captain their own vessel, the rewards could be great. Such a man was Captain Nehemiah Wixon.

Born in 1827, Mr. Wixon's mother was Charity Chase. He began going to sea at the age of nine years, continuing until 1878, twenty four years of the time as master. He was married in 1848 to Amy, daughter of Phineas Wixon. They had one son, Robert. Captain Wixon built the structure now known as the Conch Inn as a home for himself and his family in 1855. Later in life, the captain owned a grocery store and a cranberry bog.

Dennis and Dennis Port's rich history can be further explored at the Dennis Historical Society web site and at numerous historic sites that remain today.

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